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"Revolutionize Your Investor Experience with the World's First Alternative Asset Investment Platform-as-a-Service!"

World’s first platform- as –a-service that allows enterprises to provide a modern, efficient, and effective approach to their investors for investing in alternate assets.

The Smart Alternative Platform

Leverage our Industry defining, Award winning platform to match with your Brand excellence

Complete & Compliant Tech
Lightning Fast
Harness the Power of Data, AI-ML

Investor Portal- Attract and Retain Top Investors

  • Make a winning impression on your valued investors
  • Convenient self-service for investing and accessing reports
  • Allow your investors to seamlessly subscribe, sign, fund, all in less that 7 minutes

Fundraising automation- Close deals FASTER with LESS work


  • Track deal progress and investor activity from one central hub
  • Automate deal sharing and data rooms
  • Allow investor the option to exit anytime through self-serve automated trading exchange

Turbocharge with AI Recommendation Bolt-Ons

ARTEMIS - our AI-ML powered recommendation engine to find the best match between your investors and your opportunities creating a win-win for everyone.



1 Sign-on Creating customer account for login and accessing deal overview
2 Detailed profile creation Customer creates a detailed profile (one time activity for the customer) and goes through all requisite compliance checks [KYC/AML/ID verification]
3 Investment processing Customer can choose deals to invest in, types of shares to invest in, choose how they invest- individual/ corporate/ trust etc
4 Deal Details Page Customer is able to access all deal details on this page, including financials, updates, documents, access to deal room and estimate their returns potentials through calculators
5 Portfolio Dashboard Customers get access to all portfolio information in one place including all relevant documents and deal and portfolio performance 
6 Payment automation Connecting bank accounts, investment accounts, and setting up online bank transfer options, tracking funding status
7 Secondary Marketplace Customers have access to a trading platform to trade their shares 
8 Differential data sharing Invite only rooms behind NDA with data filters to have different data access for different investors
9 AI BOLT-ON AI Bolt-on for customer recommendation based on their profile, preferences and behaviour


1 Upload a new deal  Upload deal details, legal documents, text, pictures, videos. Edit for updates ongoing
2 Track Deal Progress  Track interested investors, soft commitments, progress through the process, Investor process issues (KYC/ document issues, changes etc.) and  move process forward
3 Auto reminder and CRM functions Send emails to customers from your dashboard to nudge them
4 Deal level details Transaction status at customer level, deal level, all deals level
5 Investor reporting Update reports, report on distribution, statements, deal metrics, tax statements through bulk upload
6 Data Security  Securely store data in cloud based systems with pre-defined data storage tiers
7 Secondary marketplace  Enable secondary marketplace for investors to trade [requires setting up legal process and representatives to enable process]
8 Customer profile access  Ability to answer customer questions, track their issues, accounts, statements, etc. without accessing sensitive information through real-time custom reports
9 Data warehouse integration Securely integrate Beacon data into your existing data warehouse for robust analytics.
10 Access to BuyProperly Investors Access to marketing to BuyProperly investors through BP team. If listing on the website and processing through BuyProperly- additional fundraising costs would apply
11 Distributions Do all waterfall distribution calculations in an automated manner and generate Custom investor centric reports for all investors giving them details of their portfolio and deal level information 
12 AI BOLT-ON Predict most likely investors for a particular deal and target those with extra effort, incentives, and reach-out for highest conversion outcomes
13 Dedicated Account Manager Point of contact to manage implementation and training, with years of financial services experience.
14 Accounting system integration Automatically sync investment data between Beacon1  and 3rd party investment accounting systems


1 Support multiple classes of LP units/ shares Create, track and manage multiple classes of shares, their corresponding distributions, their individual performance fees
2 Tax estimations Ingest P&L information - from accounting books/ accounting software , or through documents, to generate costing for NAV, current values, and Tax and accounting statements
3 Generate T5013 Auto-populate T5013


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