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An email is sent to your referral with a link and promo code to sign-up with BuyProperly.


For each invited referral who invests, you both get a $100 credit.

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Terms and Conditions


By participating in the BuyProperly Refer a friend program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. As a referrer, you will receive $100 BuyProperly credits when your referral is successful. A referral is defined to be successful when your referral signs-up using your referral link AND completes an investment of $2500 or more with BuyProperly (an investment is complete when BuyProperly has received the investment funds).
  2. Your referral will receive an incentive in the form of $100 BuyProperly credits when they sign-up using your referral link to make an investment of $2500 or more.
  3. 1 BuyProperly credit is equal to $1 and will be auto applied to your next BuyProperly investment as a bonus amount.
  4. The credit works to increase the investment amount. For example, if the referral/referee invest $5,000, you get $5,100 worth of shares in the property.
  5. The referral incentive that you receive on a successful referral will be in the form of Credit - payable to you within 30 days upon receiving investment from your referred individual.
  6. The referral incentive earned as BuyProperly credits do not have any expiry date.
  7. As a referrer, you may only refer to each individual once. In the event that the same individual is referred multiple times or creates multiple accounts, BuyProperly reserves the right to withdraw any referral benefits in their entirety.
  8. The referral incentive may not be applicable in conjunction with any other ongoing promotion.
  9. BuyProperly may terminate or modify the program at any time without any notice. In addition, we may remove you from the referral program at our discretion.
  10. All dollar amounts mentioned above are Canadian dollars.
  11. You have read and understand these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

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