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  • Total Offering: $300,000
  • Projected Annual ROI: 31.8%
  • Project term: 4 years

This project has a 2.3x Equity Multiple and 25.5% Property Net Levered IRR (The low, under-market value purchase price attained by F&F is the basis for this upside)

Get started with an amazing offer:
Invest $2500 and get a $100 credit. Use code KARMA100
Invest $5000 and get a $500 credit Use code KARMA500

(For new customers only)

Here is how the credit will work:  
The credit works to increase the investment amount. For e.g. if a new customer invests $5,000 with the promo, you get $5,500 worth of shares in the property.

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The opportunity

It's not every day we launch...

sweet investment opportunity in the heart of downtown Hamilton, and one of Forge & Foster's assets.

A Sweet History- Built in 1911, this sprawling three-story brick-and-beam factory at Emerald & Shaw, downtown Hamilton, has been home to the American Can Co., and the Allan Candy Company. Now home to Karma Candy Inc. one of the largest candy manufacturers in Canada!

  • We’re excited to bring to you this investment opportunity that's not just innovative and historic, it's also a working candy factory and home to one of the largest manufacturers of candy in North America
  • Producing 1 million candies per day and cementing its place as the only candy cane manufacturer in Canada, Karma Candy Inc. is a highly profitable enterprise
  • The complex is 280,000 sqft and comprised of both industrial and office units
  • The building features 35,000 sqft in the basement, 106,000 sqft on the main floor, 69,000 sqft on the second floor, and 68,000 sqft allocated to the third floor
  • The property is included in Hamilton’s Heritage Inventory which means the architecture has a premium value
  • The total size of the site is approximately 3.5 acres
  • The M6 “Light Industrial Zone designation” allows for various uses including (but not limited to) General Manufacturing, Medical, Office, Laboratory, and Restaurant

For details, visit Karma Candy Building